Chl Fluorescence & P700 Absorbance

Walz PAM fluorometers have contributed decisively to progress in photosynthesis research as well as plant eco and stress-physiology. PAM fluorometers are applied for measurements of photosynthetic parameters of plants in terrestial as well as aquatic environments inclusive of PHYTO-PAM-II & MINI-PAM-II

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 Underwater Fluorometer with Miniature Spectrometer

The predecessor of the DIVING-PAM-II (the DIVING-PAM) has been proven as reliable and robust chlorophyll fluorometer for studying photosynthesis in and under water. To date, about 500 scientific papers containing measurements with the DIVING-PAM have been published.

The DIVING-PAM-II continues the proven and trusted design of its predecessor but advances data acquisition and instrument control by employing the latest progress in LED technology, optics and electronics.

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Walz also has other products to measure Gas Exchange and Light as well as the production of custom-made research devices according to customer requirements.