Data Loggers & Interfaces

Teach hands-on science, math, and engineering with Vernier sensors in your classroom or in the field with a Vernier interface. We offer interfaces for different platform, budget, and data-collection needs.

Recommended for most classrooms. Use with or without computers at each lab station, and ideal for field work.

  • Standalone and computer interface
  • Built-in graphing and analysis software
  • Vivid color touch screen
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Compatible with all Vernier sensors

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Sensors & Probes

Vernier sensors are rugged, classroom-proven technology that are well supported and easy to use. The sensors provide consistent, high-quality results for the demands of the classroom.

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Lab Books

Enhance your curriculum with Vernier lab books! Buy just one copy, photocopy the labs, or print them from the included CD. The labs are well tested and ready to use. You can also customize them to fit your curricular needs using the included Word files.

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