Talboys by Troemner


Hotplate Stirrers

Hotplate-Stirrers are available in 4.5″ & 5.3″ diameter and 4 x 4″, 7 x 7″, and 10 x 10″ square top plate sizes. Top plate surfaces include ceramic, aluminum and stainless steel. Basic models offer variable speed with analog controls, advanced models offer analog controls with LED displays for temperature, and professional models are fully digital with LED displays for temperature, speed and time. Fully digital, professional, models include an RTD temperature probe kit. Standard, Advanced and Professional models have microprocessor controls. Round Top Hotplate-Stirrers can utilize accessories for creating a multi-sample reaction station enabling you to heat and stir multiple samples of one size or up to five samples of different sizes at once. Specialty Stirrers include Multi-Position Stirrers, Slow Speed Stirrers, Large Capacity Stirrers, High Volume Stirrers and Submersible Stirrers.

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Manufactured by Troemner, the Talboys shaker family has one of the largest offerings on the market today, covering a wide range of applications. Shakers are available as incubating, cooling, or open air with orbital, reciprocating, rocking or waving motions. Shaker capacities range from one microplate up to 150 lbs (68.1 kg). Shakers include patented design features and exceptional extended warranty on all models. Shakers have advanced electronics including safety features, calibration modes, interfacing, easy-to-use controls. Talboys offers a comprehensive line of accessories to fit almost any application. Accessories include platforms available in a variety of sizes, clamps and test tube racks. Talboys now offers all new touch screen technology with our Thermal Shake Touch line. The Talboys Thermal Shake Touch and Cooling Thermal Shake Touch offer touch screen technology and on board help screens for almost every screen. The units are also programmable for up to 5 separate programs (or unlimited if using the USB). Talboys Shakers have a 5 year industry leading warranty.

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Overhead Mixers

Manufactured by Troemner, Talboys Overhead Mixers are available in light duty, medium duty, heavy-duty and high speed models. Light duty overhead mixers offer low torque for general purpose mixing and have a continuous duty rating. They are ideal for low viscosity mixing. High speed overhead mixers are ideal for high speed dispersion up to 7500 rpm and are ideal for low viscosity mixing. Mixers are designed for continuous duty. Medium duty overhead mixers are multi-purpose units designed for various mixing tasks. The direct drive is ideal for lower viscosity and high speed mixing. Gear reduction shaft provides more torque for higher viscosity mixing. Heavy-duty overhead mixers are designed for high viscosity applications or large batch mixing. The gear reduction provides the torque for more difficult mixing applications. A comprehensive line of accessories is available which include chucks, paddles, blades, support stands and rods. Overhead mixers have a 5 year industry leading warranty.

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Manufactured by Troemner, Talboys offers High Throughput Homogenizers and Cryogenic Homogenizing Systems. High Throughput Homogenizers offer the ability to rapidly process small volume samples. The homogenizer design eliminates cross contamination of samples. The Cryogenic Homogenizing System combines the ease and speed of a handheld homogenizer and a liquid nitrogen cooled sample to homogenize your sample faster and more efficiently. The homogenizer system utilizes a handheld motor with miniaturized mortars and pestles. The unit allows for increased sample throughput and it helps preserve the integrity of your sample. Homogenizers have a 5 year industry leading warranty.

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Vortex Mixers

Manufactured by Troemner, the Talboys Vortex Mixers are available in fixed speed, analog, digital, pulsing, heavy-duty, microplate and multi-tube models. The Talboys vortex mixer offers two modes of operation; touch mode which activates when depressing the cup head, or continuous mode when using accessory attachments. Continuous duty operation is available for our heavy-duty and microplate vortex mixer models which allows you to use your vortex mixer over long periods of time. These models also allow use of accessories at full speed. Multi-tube vortex mixers allow for processing up to 50 samples at once. A variety of accessories are available for all models. Vortex mixers have a 5 year industry leading warranty.

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Individual sizes ranging from 1 mg through 50 kg with sets from 0.5 mg-0.05 mg through 20 kg-1 mg. Available in Troemner UltraClass Series, Class E0* and OIML Class E1, E2, F1 and F2.

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