Spectroline Laboratory Products

Hand-Held UV Lamps

Corded and Battery Operated Lamps

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UV Crosslinkers

The Spectrolinker was developed to be one of the most advances, versatile and accurate UV Crosslinkers. With the success of Spectrolinker came the Select™ series UV crosslinkers, created specifically for the needs of researchers with limited budget. Designed to monitor UV radiation and self-adjust to variations in UV intensity, all Spectroline UV crosslinkers feature a “smart” microprocessor controller and unique true UV monitoring circuitry to enable users to get error free results with speed, accuracy and safety.

These units are built specifically to eliminate time-consuming adjustments, unnecessary repetitive programming and unwarranted risk of sample damage.

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Fluorescence Analysis Workstation

Fluorescence Analysis Workstations enable life science researchers to view and take photographic images (film or digital) of electrophoretically separated nucleic acids. These images can be documented onto print or film for further scanning and densitometric analysis. Spectroline workstations utilize darkroom cabinets for convenient viewing, analyzing or photographing of fluorescent samples with both epi-illumination and trans-illumination light sources. Our full range of cabinets provides different working sample sizes, options for UV lamps and is useful for numerous applications.

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