Phenometrics products enable scientists to study algae under the same conditions found outdoors in the ponds, but in the much more efficient confines of the laboratory. Each computer-controlled PBR101 uses breakthrough technology to re-create the environmental conditions such as, temperature, light intensity and CO2.


Each PBR101 is also a measurement instrument, measuring growth rates, pH, and other factors in the algae reactor vessel, which are displayed on the computer monitor in a graph or data display.It is customizable to accommodate various probes and sensors that monitor algae culture and growth metrics:

  • Variable intensities up to full sunlight (>3000 µmol photons/m2s)
  • Pond depth and light penetration reproducing natural conditions in raceways
  • Mixing by sparging or stirring (to simulate raceways)
  • Ability to control and adjust temperature over diurnal cycles
  • Ability to control CO2 and other gasses
  • Continuous measurements of turbidity to estimate growth rates
  • Ability to vary conditions in complex ways by computer
  • Customizable with specialized probes

The high throughput data is monitored and controlled via computer with Algal Command or internet connection in real time. The PBRs can be customized with additional sensors or probes to match your specific research requirements.

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