Fume Hoods & Enclosures

When it comes to laboratory fume hoods, Labconco has the broadest selection in the market. Whether you need a light duty enclosure for nuisance vapors, a sophisticated hood system for toxic fumes, or specialized ventilation equipment for unique applications, Labconco can offer a perfectly tailored solution.

Let us know what is important to you in a fume hood, whether it’s energy efficiency, space conservation, or if you have unique requirements that call for customization. There is a Labconco hood that exactly fits every application.

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Biological Safety Cabinets

Purifier Logic+ Class II, Type A2 and B2 Biological Safety Cabinets provide personnel, product and environmental protection from hazardous particulates and agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment. Purifier Cell Logic+ Type A2 and B2 biosafety cabinets have features specialized for cell research.

The Purifier Axiom Class II, Type C1* is the first biological safety cabinet that can be used in a recirculating Type A-mode for standard microbiological work, or can be connected to an exhaust system to function in Type B-mode for handling hazardous chemical vapors or radionuclides.

Purifier Class I and HEPA Filtered Enclosures provide personnel and environmental protection and are ideal for procedures that generate fine dust, handling suspicious mail, or weighing hazardous powders. They offer an economical alternative to Class II cabinets when applications do not require product protection.

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Laminar Flow Cabinets (Laboratory Animal Research Stations)

The PuriCare line of enclosures provides unsurpassed protection and ergonomic benefits for small laboratory animal transfer and bedding disposal operations. These HEPA-filtered enclosures protect the user from exposure to allergens. Large working areas give the user free range of motion.

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Glove Boxes

Protector® Glove Boxes are designed for use in controlled atmospheres (dry boxes) or for use with hazardous materials. Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes provide a leak-tight environment for work with contamination-sensitive materials. Protector HEPA/ULPA Filtered Glove Boxes provide HEPA filtration and a physical barrier to protect the user from exposure to potentially dangerous materials. Protector Combination Glove Boxes allow for handling both hazardous substances and atmosphere-sensitive materials. Protector Double Glove Boxes offer twice the working width.

Precise® Glove Boxes provide an economical solution to more sophisticated gloveboxes. They have seamless, one-piece molded polyethylene shells that withstand chemicals and are easy to clean. Precise Basic Glove Boxes have a simple design, which allows them to be customized with optional accessories to meet application needs. Precise Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes are designed to create low oxygen or moisture environments. Precise HEPA-Filtered Glove Boxes and XPert Weigh Boxes have inlet and outlet HEPA filters to protect the operator from hazardous airborne particulates and powders.

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